The Process of Conscious Evolution Full Spectrum Awakening

The Process of Conscious Evolution Full Spectrum Awakening

The Process of Conscious Evolution Full Spectrum Awakening 750 375 Christof Melchizedek
The Process of Conscious Evolution – Full Spectrum Awakening

One of the most important aspects of your Golden Path of Awakening and Realisation is innerstanding the process of internal alchemy that is the vehicle for transformation and change. Having this awareness creates a more holistic picture of knowing how and where to navigate your consciousness as you begin the process of raising your vibration and living in a higher reality.

 While it is essential to be expanding your consciousness and attaining more spiritual growth and awareness. This process is only useful when your multidimensional Self is fully integrated with your physical vessel. Otherwise, you end up fragmented understanding at an intellectual level many things but not embodying them by making this to be your living reality.

I believe most people have the metaphor wrong in that they are attempting to elevate themselves to spiral upwards to the heavenly dimensions for the ultimate goal of ascending and escaping the physical reality.

What I feel is a better innerstanding, is taking all of whom we are in the heavenly realms and bringing all of that into our physical vessels. Thus experiencing the heavenly realm here on 3D Earth.

This switch can create profound shifts in approach so that you not only meditate and access the higher frequencies of the spiritual dimension. But look to use these experiences to integrate the higher aspects of who you are down into your living library of life in the physical world.

With this in mind, it is useful developing a big picture of what exactly you are attempting to achieve with your techniques and tools for your consciously evolving experience here on Earth. As you are aware, we are living in a living, conscious intelligence field that is comprised of Sound – Vibration – Light.

“To change the circumstances of your life you need to introduce the faster wavelengths of light such as unconditional love into your system.”

To change the circumstances of your life you need to introduce the faster wavelengths of light such as unconditional love into your system. These faster wavelengths transmute, override and collapse the slower more dense wavelengths.

Wavelengths colliding and collapsing is the physics component of transmutation. There also needs to be a consciousness component to your transformation. An awareness of what you are lifting out of your field and where it comes from is infinitely more potent than non-awareness. Awareness and recognition allow you to spot patterns and thus interrupt them from happening.

One of the ways you can make more rapid progress in the external reality of your life is through the introduction to your internal system these faster energies. It is for this reason many people are drawn to sacred sites, transformational retreats, and other spiritually engaging modalities since they are all introducing these faster energies in your system.

Activation, however, is only one part of the equation. Equally important and often forgotten is the integration component, which allows these faster waves lengths to have cycled through the entire process of its journey of the wave or life-pulse before you can hold a new frequency set-point.

In the source field of creation, there are three phases or cycles that you need to be aware of so you can learn to spot which phase you are in and adjust your life flow accordingly.

These natural rhythms occur everywhere in nature including your life and on all levels of existence. These are part of natural law and need to be adhered to if you are to understand when to act and when to pause or wait.

There are three primary phases:

  • Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Stasis

These phases are continually happening on all levels of existence at all times. From the source field to planetary fields and also in your own energy field. The life pulse of expansion – stasis – contraction governs all things, summer into winter, high tide into low tide, and your projects and workflow.

After an activation or peak life experience and you move back into your ‘normal’ life and you begin to integrate everything. There is a period whereby things shift, your relationships change and what you also tolerate changes. For this reason, it is essential to factor in and plan for periods where you enter into both expansions, but also into a planned stasis. A period whereby you can integrate before moving into a phase of contraction.

The new energy introduced needs to complete at least one full phase interaction of this life pulse. The expansions – stasis – contraction before that cycle of energy and frequency is complete. If you cut short the cycle you are cutting off the very essence of the life pulse that flows through all things and limiting your potential results in your path of the process.

When you innerstand this life rhythm, you can plan for these things and start to ride the natural waves or pulsations that more closely match the stage you are in.

For example, after a period of personal development or process, it can be a good idea to plan some space (stasis) before you move into normal life again (contraction). In this way, you can work with the natural rhythms rather than fighting against them.

Right now you are undoubtedly feeling we are all living in an accelerated time portal of increased vibratory frequency. There are indeed incredible upgrades available in your genetic coding that are streaming down into Earth-like unopened flower buds, just waiting to open and enter your field and provide significant energetic updates to your consciousness and coding.

We as a species are entering an unheralded epic of time where we can spiritually evolve lifetimes in this one grand experience of life due to this unique window and cycle of quantum time we are residing in. Never before has the frequency of the Cosmic Kryst / Christ been so potently streaming into our beautiful planet. These incredibly fast wavelengths when utilised in the right way can create incredibly fast life transformations and manifestations of miracles.

Divine Father Sananda and Divine Mother Shekinah.

We are so blessed in our community that we have the physical embodiment of this energy accessible through Shekinah and Sananda’s consciousness field which is streaming through the Heavenly Mother, and Heavenly Father energies. Those that have the eyes to see and the hearts to feel will acknowledge just what they are holding for our planet and species.

As part of their service mission, they are streaming through this frequency to our community through the AtOnement transmissions. You can find out more about these energy transmissions and how to receive them by clicking here. These are the fastest frequencies currently being steamed into the planet and are from a future Golden Aeon timeline bridged back to these time-space coordinates to propel humanity into the trajectory that can span this Golden Age.

We receive so much incredible feedback from people on their experiences during the transmissions and the profound shifts that are happening to people as a consequence. However, I would like to shine some light on the most overlooked phase of the life pulse which is the contraction.

For it is in the contraction phase that the real energy work is completed, processed and embodied in the DNA, Bio-Energy and Consciousness constellation. In the contraction phase, the faster wavelengths dredge up from the subconscious and unconscious realms unprocessed emotions, imprints, traumas and wounds to be released into the zero point.

When these come to the surface, it can be quite a bumpy as we experience resistance, anxiety, impatience, frustration, anger, resentment, projection, blame, denial and all sorts of various other upsets and irritations that create the responsibility for our internal state on external causes.

The energies being transmitted through the AtOnements will shake up a whole heap of energies that need to be investigated and explored brought to the surface ready to be released.

These are known as your shadows and are not merely the doings of others who are ticking you off. But are the reflections of deeply held imprinted programs that are protecting your core wounding that your ego defence system is using keep the illusion of pain away from your core wound.

It is during the phase of contraction that these deeply buried imprints can come to the surface for clearing. It is in this phase of contraction that all the gains are made in your personal spiritual growth as you shed and transmute the heavier densities that you are experiencing coming to the surface for clearing.

The whole process is about finding and releasing painful woundings which litter your bio-energy field. Woundings are the result of extreme psychological and or emotional trauma’s. First, up the painful fractures energy starts to coagulate around the pain, an active scab forms around it thus protecting and sealing the pain off from further intrusion.

Once this process has happened this energetic scab is the first layer of protection for the wound. Inside the wound is the memory from the pain of the trauma. This is so painful that the consciousness system creates a second layer of protection just to make sure no ‘like’ frequency comes into the wound.

This is when the secondary defences kick in, this is the ego’s shadow states that you have been exploring. These shadow states are the protective mechanism that prevents any further pain from being felt. Remember the consciousness system and ego will do anything it can to protect its self from further pain.

Which is why we often do silly things to sabotage ourselves when a vibrationally matched situation presents itself through a different form, being, or situation. So, what you do is you go into your defence and react with one of the shadows of resistance, anxiety, impatience, frustration, anger, resentment, projection, blame, denial.

Underneath these shadows is primarily fear. This is the fear of going further into that pain. Your consciousness system develops a complex set of survival and coping mechanisms to be able to react to any incoming stimuli that might be a threat to the pain tightly held in the wound. This set of unconscious reactions of self-protection we call imprinted programs

Imprinted programs are the drivers behind the shadows. When you can release the Imprinted Programs, access and process the wound and fear, literally all your reactions fall away, and you do not respond in the same way to the same information held as light coming at you on a daily basis.

Once you begin clearing your Imprinted Programs, then virtually everything in your life starts changing for the better. For this shadow work is such an essential component of spiritual and personal growth.

Shadow work in the contraction phase of your integration allows you to become the cosmonaut of your inner space, and explore deeply buried and held programming you are not ordinarily aware of in your conscious awareness and release it permanently from your life. It means you finally stop attracting the same limiting patterns keeping your life locked at its current level or state.

To explore the shadow side, you can start looking at the conditions of your life, from the third position, a detached alien looking at your world for the first time, just observing all that you do.

The key here is the detachment from yourself, so you can see the negative behaviour that is hidden from your conscious view, at least to you. Very often your closest ones will see this and perhaps have even tried telling you, but you have avoided looking at these aspects of yourself and been in denial of their existence. Usually, our closest loved ones are the ones we listen to the least.

Your Imprinted Programs are responsible for attracting certain situations to your life over and over until you clear them. These patterns keep playing out over and over until you can see the pattern, and can release the trapped stored painful emotions. Thus causing the attraction point for these pattern of events, people and situations that keep showing up in your life to dissolve finally.

For example, if you have been continuously attracting relationships that all have had similar destructive energy dynamics, you can rest assured you have something unresolved in the shadow self that needs exploring.

It could well be linked to the way your parents related to each other, and the energy constellation and dynamic of your family when you were growing up. Your upbringing is often the cause of the held frustration, anger and resentment that are stored in your emotional body. This energy and emotions are contained in your subconscious that plays out the pattern until the trapped emotions are released.

You can override deeply held reactions born through the wounding – imprinted program constellation, and re-imprint yourself with a new belief.

Introducing faster energies such as the AtOnement Transmissions allow the shadow energies to rise to the surface for clearing. Meaning through conscious awareness, observation and assisting the process through cleaning and clearing your bio-energy field, you can override deeply held reactions born through the wounding – imprinted program constellation, and re-imprint yourself with a new belief that will eventually stop attracting these life lessons as you learn to respond rather than automatically react to the same triggers.

We have created two particular levels of membership inside the IODP membership platform called Emerald and Celestial Gold that is specifically designed to help you deal with these shadow states and patterns.

Inside this level of membership, we have gifted the Translucent Code of Source, and the Shadow release process map as tools for transformation to be able to deal with the shadows as they come to the surface.

Emerald and Celestial Gold also contain a live monthly group process circle where I help you to identify these patterns playing out in your reality and help you accelerate through the portal of the process to allow you to embody the highest level of your potential.

If this is in resonance or you would like to find out more then click here and explore how you can receive the AtOnement transmissions from Shekinah and Sananda, and or join me live every month in the Emerald and Celestial Gold membership

I look forward to supporting your conscious evolution of full spectrum awakening.

PS: an overview of the process of transfiguration to assist you on your path.

Personal Development Process of Transfiguration

  • Experience pain
  • Observe you are the creator of your experiences
  • Look for the cause belief or image around this pain
  • Observe how this image plays out in your life and creates your experiences
  • Overwrite the old program with a new program that serves you by using the belief change technique
  • Send loving energy into the wounding around this image to open it up
  • Allow the emotion to wash through you
  • Feel into the new belief and reality, bring this feeling throughout your field and imprint it into your cells
  • Witness your new experiences or pattern interrupt old non-serving reactions.

Infinite Love and Blessings,

Christof Melchizedek

As the Wisdom Bridger of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection, Christof Melchizedek serves by architecting education that focuses on expanding consciousness and the creation of live experiences. He creates highly expanded soul evolution and treasured lifelong memories.

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