Keys to Divine Mind Synergy

Keys to Divine Mind Synergy

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Divine Mind Synergy

One of the biggest determinants of the quality of your life Dear One, is how you can engage and utilise your beautiful mind. I felt inspired to share some reflections on this topic as we come closer to this month’s transmission Divine Mind Synergy.

Everything that you have created in your life and the current reality you are experiencing, first comes from in-periencing. Inperiencing is your inner reality. It is the quality of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, and consciousness.

It is straightforward, your inner world creates your outer world. The issue with the personal development world is there is so much time spent focusing on the external outcomes that people want to achieve and not enough time spent cultivating the internal landscape.

If and when internal work is being performed, it is usually being done on the human level and not the God level. If you want to experience a new level of reality, then your inperience needs to be in AtOnement with God, Source, The Divine Presence. (However you choose to label the live intelligence of the universe). For the sake of simplicity, I will use the term God to describe this presence that flows through all things.

So, the big issue as I see it, is that most people are looking to improve the quality of their thoughts, beliefs, and are perhaps exploring stillness through meditation, and other various mind control techniques.

While these are useful, and indeed helps to create space. With space being one of the keys to accessing the Higher Mind. Underneath the emptiness, there can still be the constellation of Imprinted Programs running the unconscious scripts for specific behaviours that are not in soul purpose alignment.

“There is so much time spent focusing on the external outcomes that people want to achieve and not enough time spent cultivating the internal landscape”


An Imprinted Program is a fragmented soul aspect of ourselves from the past that is driving our behaviour, reactions, personality and helps develop archetype behaviours that define the False Self Personality. This false self is a product of our conditioning away from our true nature of AtOnement with God.

These Imprinted Programs are created through childhood conditioning, growing up from our parents, friends, schooling and society. They are generated in response to real and perceived stressful and painful episodes that have produced a wounding in our Bio-Energy Field.

A wound is a hole in our Bio-Energy Field that is filled with painful emotion. At the time of the wounding our Bio-Energy Field repairs this wounding much in the same way our body repairs a physical wound.

An energetic scab is formed, protecting the painful emotion and eventually, energetic scar tissue is formed over the top, sealing off the trapped pain on the inside.

Our human mind then works very cleverly behind the scenes developing a sophisticated constellation of mental, and energetic defences, to ensure that anything that is a like vibration, to that which created the wound, is kept at bay.

This is why in our human condition, we often overreact to specific triggers. It is merely our human mind attempting to protect our deep wounds.

That is the wound and imprinted program. We all have them. It is part of the human condition, and the path of transformation lies in rehabilitating our wounds and overriding the Imprinted Programs with a new constellation that serves the Divine Self and not the False self.

At the Innerversity we have developed tools, techniques and a process maps to be able to first identify the emotional reactions, thought, belief, wound constellation, then to be able to self-correct and override our conditioning.

This process is a core teaching to Emerald and Celestial Gold Members, and we gift them the tools to be able to work through themselves this process using the Codes and maps we have created to upgrade our Human self to our Divine Self. Then in the Multi-Dimensional Mastery Circle, I am calling out the patterns I am sensing through dialogue and clear for the whole group what we find.

I have uploaded a new audio for you to listen, outlining what I’ll be sharing in the training.

I still use the Codes most days, and they form a crucial component to my conscious evolution.

While this process (and others like it) allow us to be able to deal with our human selves, and keep refining our minds, and bio-energy fields. There is an additional way we can be fast-tracking our consciousness and divinity.

That is to access the Higher Intelligence fields of the Divine Mind. Most people who are evolving through human development are focusing on the human aspects of the mind, which can indeed create extraordinary break through’s in life.

However, if you combine the human journey with the Mind of God, then you can fast-track your results in life.


  1. Nerve Impulses
  2. Hormones and neurotransmitters
  3. Energy and vibration
  4. However, it is the 4th and often overlooked component that can really yield the greatest results. Divine Mind Synergy – (Universal God Consciousness)

To enter Divine Mind Synergy allows you to access the wisdom of At-Onement with God. This is the great overriding shortcut that we can access to ensure our wounds and imprints do not drive our life, but the grace of the Divine Presence is the flow that dictates our we respond (not react) to the surrounding frequency.

Divine Mind Synergy is the ability to open up into the all-encompassing universal intelligence


One the greatest investments in your energy, consciousness and life path is to be able to access and spend as much if your time as you can in Divine Mind Synergy.

Divine Mind Synergy is the ability to open up into the all-encompassing universal intelligence, getting direct downloads unimpeded by the personality or intellect. Divine Mind Synergy is being able to move past the experiences and biases of the personality, and obtain an expanded view of any given situation, taking into account all positions and not just that of the self.

This means being able to access an intelligence that is an all-encompassing view of humanity and sees the most magnificent picture and highest potential in all situations and circumstances for the greatest good of all.

It is being able to move past lack and limitations of the personality, and the constant demands of the ego, to trust the Divine Intuition in terms of direction, and access the energy of Divine Love while aligning with Divine Will that allows the full spectrum of Divine Mind not only to be accessed but fully expressed and communicated.

It is this process of getting out of the way of oneself and aligning with the spiritual energies that bring Divine thought and feeling working together to fuse into Divine Wisdom. It is this connection between Divine Will and Divine Love that are the keys to unlock Divine Mind.

There needs to be an alignment into Divine Will, and the access of the frequency of Divine Love that creates the key that unlocks Divine Mind Synergy. Only those who are pure and in service for the divine plan can access the Universal Intelligence of God.

To enter the vibrational frequency to access Divine Mind Synergy there is a subtle dimensional shift required. It is essential that one begins in the void where there is no thought, no agenda and all of creation is possible.

While holding the space of the void, you are also able to open up your energy centres and especially the 4th and 7th Chakras opening and working together which forms the basis for direct access to the Mind of God.

It is holding this dimension of the void at the same time as keeping the auric field and opening the 4th and 7th chakra to receive, that forms the basis of opening a communication pathway to Divine Mind Synergy. Love is the door that can open the gateway to this universal intelligence flowing through our system.

Many people have called this state flow, whatever we label that sweet spot of personal frequency there can be a systematic way of entering into it.

The first step is being able to recognise and receive the frequency. And this is what this months transmission is all about. To give you the direct experience of the Divine Mind Synergy. Beloveds Sananda and Shekinah will be transmitting the very frequency’s required for Divine Mind Synthesis.

This will help unify the Consciousness of the Creator with your consciousness and ensure the energetic veils of separation are purged and dissolved so you can unite your mind with all there is.

“Love is the door that can open the gateway to this universal intelligence flowing through our system”

If you feel guided, I will be teaching people in the Multi-Dimensional Mastery live integration session for Emerald and Celestial Gold members how to adjust their frequency to be able to access this state whenever they feel guided. I have developed a systematic sequence that brings people’s frequency into the right frequency band to communing with Divine Mind.

From that state of Divine Mind Synergy, we will conduct various skills and drills and explorations into your life to examine things from a Higher perspective.

What I find, is that when I communicate from the dimension of Divine Mind Synergy all the breakthrough gestalt eureka moments come, and I get the piece I need to solve whatever issue I am working upon.

This connection allows the ability for me to just to turn up, plug in, and start streaming from and through this consciousness field. This connection provides precision and clarity of words, ideas, and insights, that come through either speaking or writing.

It is this connection and Divine Mind Synergy that will enable me working with God to zero in on people’s wounds and clear them which is one of my great strengths in personal transformation and especially in group containers. I am able to identify the wound – belief – imprinted program constellation very quickly and directly in people.

If I were to describe it, it is like getting a knowing deep in my core instantly of what the issue is. Then if I am streaming, (speaking or writing) I am empty of thought, I do not know what I am going to say next, the words just come through me as a vessel of Divine Mind. All I have done is fuse my field with the Consciousness of the Creator. From that place the magic happens.

I say this not to impress you, but to press upon you that this is merely a skill that you too can master. Once you plug into this field and enter Divine Mind Synergy, your unique expression of Divine Gifts and the unique way that God will express through you will materialise. This process is what I will be sharing in this month’s Multi-Dimensional Mastery live integration session.

Divine Mind Synergy is what happened to Archimedes when he proclaimed Eureka from his bathtub! It was this fusion that allowed him to get breakthrough required to solve the big puzzle he was working on for Emperor Hieron, in designing the boat “Syracusia’ which 50 times larger than the existing ships of the day.

Once you plug into this field and enter Divine Mind Synergy, your unique expression of Divine Gifts and the unique way that God will express through you will materialise

Archimedes proclaimed eureka after he had stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose, after which he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. This insight helped him solve how to construct the floating palace boat committed to him by Hieron. And allowed him to formulate the Law of Boyouncy, which engineers to this day still use for their calculations in designing a ship that will enable it to float.

Eureka! Divine Mind Synergy!

It is when you function from the dimension of Divine Mind Synergy that you find yourself working more as part of the group mind. You can access the quantum field. It is the phenomena of the quantum field in action that has allowed inventors across the other side of the world, working in isolation to invent the same thing at the relatively the same time.

This is Divine Mind Synergy in action. Entering into this state allows the ability of telepathic communication, divine synchronically and effortless intention and manifestation all working through and as you.

It can often be seen in nature, for example, a swarm of bees all working together telepathically servicing the needs of the Queen. They work as one group mind understanding and knowing their role in the grand picture for the needs of the whole.

The critical thing to understand and realise that these powers are not you, and to not let the ego get involved and manipulate your thinking with feelings of spiritual superiority.

As soon as this enters the equation, all these skills are dropped and lost, and there is a move away from Divine Will into a personal will. That produces a forcing current and an immediate switch out of Divine Mind Synergy, and universal knowledge and wisdom is lost.

It is essential to stay humble and realise it is merely you surrendering yourself to a much higher power operating through you that creates the immense catalysing power of creation. It is not you. It is The Creator working through you that is the power.

All you have to do is become translucent and enter the right frequency band, and have your vibration high enough to be able to receive.

Being clear of mind, with no thoughts, have ego under control and be pure in the heart, with the intention to serve that you will be gifted the keys to Divine Mind Synergy.

At-Onement with the One-Light Source.



You can join the transmission with Shekinah and Sananda this Sunday by joining the Rose Gold Membership, who will fuse the Consciousness of the Creator with your consciousness.

Then, if you feel guided you join me for the Multi-Dimensional Mastery integration live training on Zoom a few days later to go deeper into both this concept and indeed yourself.

Love and Blessings,

Christof Melchizedek

As the Wisdom Bridger of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection, Christof Melchizedek serves by architecting education that focuses on expanding consciousness and the creation of live experiences. He creates highly expanded soul evolution and treasured lifelong memories.

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